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Zachary David Boynton Treble

ZDBT is the moniker of Vancouver-based producer, DJ & live performer Zachary Treble, who pulls from a massive range of styles. At 10 years of age began his musical journey studying Drums and Percussion, while dabbling in electronic music production with early software such as ReBirth RB-338 to Reason. Touring and Performing most of his life in bands, in 2007 began taking music production, and DJing seriously. It was around this time he began hosting and curating event series/label known as "It's Your Turn". 

He now moonlights as Phost and is 1/2 of Dosis and defunct duo 1800HaightStreet, heavy-hitting, polyrhythmic, modern Techno projects that pay tribute to the genre’s diverse depths while forging a new path ahead. With notable releases and productions on various labels such as Ghostly, In Real Life, Delicate Records, Specials Worldwide, ISLA, and NAFF records, he’s garnered support from the world’s most sought after DJs.


Exploring a wide range genres such as House, Techno, Punk, Ambient, Hip Hop, Dub, and R&B, ZDBT’s wide reaching abilities as a producer and songwriter help him craft new, genre-defying sonic textures that constantly challenge expectation. Displaying an uncompromising standard of quality control and an obsessive work ethic, he’s carved out a solitary niche in the modern landscape of Vancouver’s critically celebrated, underground electronic music scene and sound systems abroad. ZDBT is an act you do not want to miss.

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